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Dermaplaning is a safe, non-invasive way to help rejuvenate and exfoliate the skin. It is an exfoliating treatment that provides an alternative to chemical peels or microdermabrasion. The procedure is performed by a licensed aesthetician in a medical office environment.

Also known as “leveling the skin”, the treatment involves a sterile surgical blade that is held against the skin and stroked in a manner similar to shaving. The method removes the outer layer of dead skins cells. Along with sloughing away the dead skin cells, dermaplaning can help reduce the visibility of acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles as well as getting rid of extraneous fine facial hair on the face, also known as “peach fuzz”.

Visible results can be seen after the treatment. You can expect your skin to feel extra soft and make up will go on smoother as well. The skin will feel tighter and you will experience a subtle lift after treatment. Results will last up to three weeks, and it is recommended that you come back every month for maintenance.