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by Madelyn Henderson on LWGB
Love the Results

The results have been fabulous...clothes that were too tight and uncomfortable months ago are now lose and I am looking and feeling better!!! So very appreciative to everyone!!

by Lisa on LWGB
Food, Diet & Exercise

I have been seeing Dr. Motamedy for months and she is a great help with my weight loss. When I first started going to the doctor I was 147 pounds and now I am 124 pounds, with following the food, diet and exercise program I was able to loss the weight and keep it off. The staff is amazing and I recommend this doctor and staff to anyone looking to lose weight and maintain a health lifestyle.

by IAKenny on LWGB

After only 1 week, record 7 lbs lost. It works....Customer service is 5 star....recommend River oaks weight loss clinic to anyone who wants to lose weight and feel healthier.

by Lisa on LWGB
Weight Loss

Always excellent serves - I go once a week to the Waugh location to get a vitamin shot and it really does give me the boost I need to get thru the week. Thanks Dr. Motamedy for helping me eat healthier and maintain my weight loss.

by Tamara Duncan on LWGB

Always excellent services. Very Professional and Caring!

by Stathy Demeris on LWGB

I have been on many different diets plans, but by far this has been the most successful and effective diet program I have ever been on. I own a few restaurants and am around food all the time so it wasnot easy to do it on my own and it was not working for me. So I decided to do it with some guidance and help from River Oaks which was recommended to me through my brother who had done the same program with great results.
I lstarted the program in Jun of 2016 at 287pounds and after exactly 4 months and 5 days I am at 225 pounds, I have lost 61 pounds in 4 months, throught their HCG and low calorie diet. Both program are supervised by Dr. Motamedy. The B 12/lipotropic Shots specially has been giving me a lot of energy I feel much happier and healthier than I have ever felt before, Overall I feel much more energetic and my sleep patterns has improved. I attented my wife 10 years reunion and everyone was amazed with me transformation. I ri87 pounds s bike this past weekend something I COULD NOT DO at 2
The customer service has been exceptional. Friendly staff and physician.
If certainly recommend River oaks weight loss clinic to anyone who wants to lose weight and feel healthier. If you have any questions about this program feel free to e-mail me demeris@charliesbbq.com
I’ll be happy to share my experience with anyone who wants to change their life for the best.
Stathy Demeris

by Amy on LWGB

This place is fantastic! I recently began a new job in the med center and gained weight like crazy. I came here the first time for help with the weight loss issue. Dr. Motamedy is extremely easy to talk with, she explains what she is trying to accomplish with me and I never feel bad when something does not work for me. She helped me lose some of the weight but after a few weeks I brought up my concern of how hard it was losing the weight. She then started asking about other symptoms I had. I was also lethargic, my hair was thin, nails brittle, cold all the time, moody (just thought this was my normal). She encouraged me to get my thyroid panel done and sure enough it was low! So I started on thyroid medicine and the change in my life is FANTASTIC. I have more energy, I am in a better mood and I am able to handle stress better, my hair is thicker (many compliments), not as cold as I was, nails are better, and it is not such a struggle to lose the weight! I highly suggest that you meet with her and listen to her opinion. The whole place is staffed by kind people who know me and work with my schedule. They really care about my progress.

by Kate Ledgister on LWGB

Its AMAZING clinic where are working professionals!!! 🙂

First time I visit center at 24th February, and in 4 weeks I lost 23 pounds. YES 23 pounds!!!!

Doctor, nurses and administration are very supportive and friendly.

I been doing everything doctor suggested: exercise 2-3 times per week ( It wasn't very intensive trainings), eat healthy (Honestly I been eating ONLY healthy food and drinks. I been very strict to myself), I been drinking plenty of water and tried to motivate myself as much as I can 🙂

Its so awesome to fit smaller clothe and like yourself in a mirrow!

Still I want to lose 15-20 pounds, and Im sure, that together with River Oaks Weight Loss center we can do it!

Thank you all for help and support 🙂

by Elena on LWGB

I've lost a total of 70 pounds in a little under 1 year. Staff is great and very easy on my schedule. Very happy over all with my results.

by Elena on LWGB

I've lost a total of 70 pounds in a little under 1 year. Staff is great and very easy on my schedule. Very happy over all with my results.

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